Carpet Cleaning

How to Clean Carpet The Right Way


In a generation where fashion is a term much appreciated by people worldwide, having a stylish carpet at home is becoming a necessity. Carpets when spread on floors look slick. However, they require attention and regular cleaning to maintain their beauty. Thus, cleaning a carpet on a timely basis will help you maintain it for a long while. However, if how to clean a carpet is a question that pricks at your mind from time to time, this should be the last thing you need to worry about. Thanks to modern technology, there are number of methods now available for cleaning carpets.

Quite often traditional ways are considered to be the best. But given below are a few more methods that could be used for cleaning carpets in the right way, on a timely basis.

Ways To Clean A Carpet

  • Carpet cleaning with foam

This method involves the use of foam. Cleansing powder can be used as a substitute for foam. This approach requires a bit of effort as the foam is meant to be applied on the stained areas of the carpet. Once applied, vacuum the area thoroughly. This would help you get rid of the stain at a rate faster than expected. Avoid leaving residues behind as this could lead to the carpets getting resoiled quicker than imagined. Use this strategy on a regular basis to keep your carpet clean and attractive forever.

  • Carpet cleaning with shamppo

In case of using shampoos while cleaning a carpet, use a buffer machine. The shampoo used should be one meant for cleaning purposes only. The buffer machine works its magic by simultaneously rubbing the carpet. This method, though, doesn’t really require the use of a vacuum cleaner. Everything depends upon the buffer machine which doesn’t only extract the dirt but removes it permanently and prevents scarring the beauty of the carpet spread across the floor.

  • Carpet cleaning with shamppo

This is another traditional approach to cleaning carpet. This method involves the use of a spinning cotton bonnet. The bonnet has to be dipped in a cleaning solution before placing it in a buffer machine. The cotton is most likely to spin very fast in order for it to remove the dirt. It is basically the cotton yarn that catches the dirt without harming the base. However, once the cotton is soiled do not stop your work. Rinse the cotton and carry on. Once the work is over and the carpet is all dry, make an attempt to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the residues left behind. This might be energy consuming but the technique is tried and true. This method is better than the shampoo and solution alternatives as they simply spread the dirt and therefore require extra energy while vacuuming the carpet at the end.

  • Dry cleaning

This method generally employs the use of solutions typically used for dry cleaning. This solution is basically a powder that consists of bleach and thus has the capacity to attract dirt towards it. When using this method ensure the deployment of the solution 15 minutes prior to the task at hand. Make use of the buffer machine to push the solution deeper into the carpet. Soon after this, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt thoroughly. In case of any residue left behind, use the vacuum again to suck up the stray powder. This method is easy and convenient. It is a time saver and should be done on a regular basis.

  • Steam cleaning

This is an established way of cleaning carpets and has been used as a reliable method for a long time. All you need is some hot water that must be poured over areas infested by dirt. These spots could then be vacuumed and left to dry. Once dried, the carpet looks like new. This tack might seem inconvenient but, if tried, it is sure to produce admirable results.

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